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Deactivating a Billing Contract

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Billing Contracts are the documented relationship Partners have with their customers. However, when customers leave a Partner, Partners can deactivate the customer’s Billing Contract in Work 365.

Please Note: Billing Contracts should be deactivated, not deleted, as a Partner should still have the inactive billing contract for internal records.

Steps for Deactivating a Billing Contract

  1. Update the Terminated On date on the billing contract.
  2. Deactivate the subscriptions within the billing contract. Please see this article for instructions on deactivating a subscription.
  3. Manually generate a change log invoice. Generating a change log invoice will allow the system to invoice the proration on the subscriptions while they were still active.
    • Follow the applicable business process of collecting the final payment.
    • Mark the invoice as paid.
  4. Deactivate the billing contract
  5. Deactivate the customer’s Agreement under Work 365 ➤ Agreements
  6. Work 365 users who have an automatic provider, deactivate the Work 365 Provider Account record.



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