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Deactivating a Billing Contract

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Billing Contracts are the documented relationship Partners have with their customers. However, when customers leave a Partner, Partners can deactivate the customer’s Billing Contract in Work 365.

Please Note: Billing Contracts should be deactivated, not deleted, as a Partner should still have the inactive billing contract for internal records.

Steps for Deactivating a Billing Contract

  1. Deactivate the subscriptions within the billing contract. Please see this article for instructions on deactivating a subscription.
  2. Manually generate an invoice for the next billing cycle (not for the current billing cycle). Generating an invoice for the next billing cycle will allow the system to invoice the proration on the subscriptions while they were still active.
    • Follow the applicable business process of collecting the final payment.
    • Mark the invoice as paid.
  3. Deactivate the billing contract
  4. Deactivate the customer’s Agreement under Work 365 ➤ Agreements



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