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Non-Recurring Billing Contracts

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Work 365 can manage the billing and invoicing for non-recurring products and sales. These non-recurring entities are designed for one-off sales, and term-based billing (ie. Azure Reserved Instances). For instructions on creating a Non-recurring product in the product catalog, see Non-Recurring Products.

To create a non-recurring billing contract, go to Work 365 ➤ Billing Contracts ➤ Create a new Billing Contract ➤ change the view to Non-Recurring Billing Contracts if not already selected.

Enter the billing contract details. For the name, identify the non-recurring status of the billing contract in the name (example: Contoso – Non-Recurring or NR). Note there is no billing frequency for a non-recurring billing contract.


For details on creating non-recurring items, see Non-Recurring Items.

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