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  • Services: These are service records that define the billing parameters of the project. Within each service, tasks, categories, roles, and resources can be defined, and time logs added.
    • General:
      • General
        • Name: Name of the Project
        • Currency: Billable currency
        • Total Time (Hrs): Total entered time on the Service via the time logs.
        • Unbillable time (Hrs): Total time which is non-billable as defined in the time logs within the Service.
        • Last Billed Time: Refers to the last time the time logs were billed.
        • Total Revenue: Time which has been invoiced
        • Unbilled Revenue: Time which has not been invoiced
      • Provider Details:
        • Provider: referring to the time provider of the service
        • Project: referring to a project in PSA if the time provider is Dynamics PSA.
        • Last Sync: referring to the last time Work 365 connected with PSA in Dynamics to pull in any recent time entries.
      • Billing Details:
        • Customer: CRM Account
        • Billing Contract: Client’s billable contract
        • Effective Start Date: Start date of the service
        • Is Taxable: defines if the service is taxable.
        • Invoicing Rollup: this rollup determines how the time logs will be invoiced.
          • Service: If Service is selected, the invoice will show total billable time of the time logs added to the Service.
          • Role: If Role is selected, the invoice will show a breakdown of billable time by project role.
          • Resource: If Resource is selected, the invoice will show a breakdown of billable

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