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Complete Consent for the Work 365 Service Account

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Please note that these steps MUST be executed as the Work 365 service account. This account MUST have the Work 365 Service role assigned in Dynamics 365. This account MUST have a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement license assigned. This license assignment cannot be revoked.

1) Open a new browser window, preferably in Incognito / InPrivate mode. Navigate to the link copied over from the previous step. A login prompt will be presented. Enter the credentials of the Work 365 service account.

2) MFA authorization may be prompted. If so, enter the MFA challenge requested.

3) Upon successful verification of credentials, the following page will be presented. Click the Begin Upgrade button to commence the upgrade process.

4) Wait for the upgrade process to be completed. Do not close the browser window or navigate to another page.

5) The upgrade process is completed when a screen like below is shown.

Congratulations! The Work 365 upgrade process was completed successfully!


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