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Configuration Page for version 3.0 and above

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  • The Configuration page for v3.0 and higher has an updated layout.
  • All settings are under the 6 categories.
  • Items that were deprecated are not a part of the new Configuration page layout.
  • The Service Account (Account used for Consent between Work 365 and Dynamics 365) is now displayed on the top right of the page.

The Configuration Page now contains some new menu items which are available only from v3.0 and higher.

  • General ➤ Language & Regional Settings
    • With the introduction of internationalization, partners can choose English or Spanish as their language option for Work 365.
    • The PDF of the invoice that is generated would be displayed in the language preference that was chosen.
  • General ➤ Unit Mapping
    • NonRecurring Billing Cycle– need to map to ‘Default Unit- Primary Unit’. This setting is present in order to support the new Product Service feature.
  • Invoicing ➤ Invoice Date Preference
    • Partners can choose whether they want the date on the invoice to be the date the invoice was generated which is termed as ‘Current Date’ or the date of the Billing Cycle which is the ‘Billing Cycle’ date.
  • Subscription Management ➤ Default percentage for Azure
    • Previously, Work 365 offered a default Markup % for Azure subscriptions.
    • With this new setting, partners can now configure the Markup % to one that will be used at a global level on the application.

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