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Customer Onboarding Workflow

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After a sale has just been made a new account needs to be created, a Microsoft Cloud Agreement needs to be sent to the customer for them to sign, a new billing contract needs to be created and subscriptions added.

This document will show the end to the workflow of bringing on a new customer. Also, view a video demonstrating this  Work 365: Provision Customer Account in Partner Center. (Please note, Microsoft Partner Center must be set up as a Provider before this workflow will sync with Partner Center.

See Configuration Microsoft PartnerCenter Provider for details.) 

  1. In Work 365 go to Work 365 ➤ Accounts (under Common) ➤ add a new account (or if the customer already has a CRM Account go to that Account record)
    • Enter the account name and contact and save. 
    • Click on Provision Account: this is to provision the account with Microsoft Partner Center 
  2. Select the Provider from the pop-up window: Microsoft PartnerCenter
  3.  Answer Yes or No for “First registration with Provider?”   
      1. No means that the customer already uses Office 365 and has a relationship with Microsoft, but now the customer wants the relationship with you as their Reseller so you would need to send the Microsoft Cloud Agreement. The email that is sent with the link to establish the reseller relationship. After selecting no, the email template for the Microsoft Cloud Agreement is populated with your name and company name. From the drop-down select the contact for the agreement to be sent. Send Email Now. Close the window.  
        • In this example, the email is sent to Mr. Rushmore with the link that will authorize Samantha’s organization as the Cloud partner for ABC Corp.  
      2. Yes means that the customer is not currently using Office 365 and they do not have a tenant with Microsoft Partner Center. 
    1. Fill in the company details on the customer. Select Verify Address.  
      • For the Country: you can only provision in the countries you are authorized to by your provider.  
    2. The customer contact information will populate automatically. 
    3. Fill in the Agreement Details 
      • Select the template that you want to send to the customer. The Microsoft Cloud Agreement is already set up for you, but if you have your own agreements that you would like to add, you can do so by adding an agreement template to Work 365 ➤ Agreement Templates (under Provider Management). 
      • Select the date on which the agreement was signed. Finish.
      • Save the customer’s user credentials.  
  4. Create a billing contract for the customer. For instructions on how to do this please see Billing Contract on the Work 365 documentation site. 
  5. Add the subscriptions to the billing contract. For instructions on how to do this please see Creating Subscriptions on the Work 365 documentation site. 

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