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Installing Work 365

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This article describes the process of performing a fresh install of Work 365 v2.5 and subsequent releases.

Version 2.5 of Work 365 is addresses Microsoft’s security policy mandates and MFA requirements that came into effect 1st August 2019. This is currently the minimum supported version of Work 365.

While Work 365 has been compliant to the Secure App Model for PartnerCenter integration since version 2.1, released February 2019, this v2.5 extends this model to the Dynamics 365 connection; which will be affected by the security policy updates.

Prepare for MFA enablement of the tenant

If your tenant has Azure AD Premium Plan 1 (or higher) or Enterprise Security + Mobility (EMS) plans, it is highly recommended to assign these licenses to your users before proceeding with MFA enablement. The planning and rollout of MFA across your tenant are not in the scope of this article. Work with your IT team to plan and deploy MFA across the organization.

note 001


The following must be available and configured before the installation process begins.

# Requirement Comments
1 Availability of tenantGlobal Administrator’ credentials with ‘System Administrator’ role in Dynamics 365. The global administrative privileges are required to enable the MFA policies and to give organization wide consent for the Work 365 app.
2 User in step 1, should have a Dynamics 365 license assigned. The license is only required for the upgrade and can be unassigned after the installation has completed.
3 Work 365 Service account should have the ‘Work 365 Service’ role assigned. If you are upgrading from a solution that does not have the ‘Work 365 Service’ role in Dynamics CRM, you can do this after the “Install Work 365 v2.5” step in the upgrade process.
4 Work 365 Service account should have the ‘Work 365 Admin’ Field Security Profile assigned. Certain privileged fields are secured in Work 365 using a Dynamics 365 Field Security Profile called ‘Work 365 Admin’.
5 The Dynamics 365 tenant must have the Sales app installed. Work 365 leverages the Dynamics 365 Sales App’s underlying platform and hence this app is a pre-requisite for Work 365.
6 For 1-Tier (Direct Bill) partners only:

· An account in Partner Center (aka Integration Account)

· A ‘Native App’ in Partner Center

The integration account with Partner Center should be assigned an ‘Admin Agent’ role in Partner Center.

More information available at:

Enable MFA Policies

Work with your IT team to ensure that you are compliant with the Microsoft security requirements coming into effect August 1, 2019. More information on this can be obtained from and

note 002

The policies may take a few minutes to kick in and hence it is advised to wait for about 5-10 minutes after enabling any policies on the Azure AD tenant and before proceeding with the next steps on the Work 365 install.

  1. Register MFA for the Work 365 service account by navigating to and following the instructions therein.
  2. Register MFA for the account with which the next steps will be carried out (Global Administrator account)

Install Work 365 v2.5

Please note that these steps MUST be executed as a user with tenant Global Administrator AND Dynamics 365 System Administrator roles. This user MUST also have a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement license assigned.

  1. Install the solution from App Source using this link –
  2. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. You will need to have System Administration privileges to complete the installation process.
  3. The installation from AppSource is a silent process. You will not see an upgrade bar or process but the installation is happening in the background.
  4. It can take up to 15 minutes to complete this process.
  5. Once the Import process is completed, you will see the Work 365 solution under Settings > Solutions.
  6. Click on the Work 365 solution that was just installed, to open the Solution Window.

Complete Registration Process

Please note that these steps MUST be executed as a user with tenant Global Administrator AND Dynamics 365 System Administrator roles. This user MUST also have a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement license assigned.

1) If installing Work 365 for the first time, a screen as below will be presented. Fill in the details and click the Submit button to have the Work 365 license generated. Connect with your account manager to obtain the correct license key.

license key

2) Click the Get Consent button.

Get Consent-min

3) A sign-in prompt is presented. Login with Global Administrator credentials. MFA registration options may be presented, which should be completed.

login with global admin-min

4) Review and accept the permissions requested by Work 365 – this is the same permission set as before.

permission requested-min

5) Complete the registration form. The Organization Name is available on the screen in the background (see step 2). Select the right Time-Zone for the organization. Click Submit.

organisation name-min

6) Copy the link presented. The link icon provides a short-cut to copy this link to the clipboard. Please note that this link is valid for only for 15 minutes. If the link expires, the process may be restarted from step 1 under the Complete Registration Process section.

consent link for dyn 365-min

Complete Consent & Initialization Process

Please note that these steps MUST be executed as the Work 365 service account. This account MUST have the Work 365 Service role assigned in Dynamics 365. This account MUST have a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement license assigned. This license assignment cannot be revoked.

1) Open a new browser window, preferably in Incognito / InPrivate mode. Navigate to the link copied over from the previous step. A login prompt will be presented. Enter the credentials of the Work 365 service account.

consent & initialization 1-min

2) MFA authorization may be prompted. If so, enter the MFA challenge requested.

MFA Authorization-min

3) Upon successful verification of credentials, the following page will be presented. Click the Begin Upgrade button to commence the upgrade process.

begin upgrade

4) Wait for the upgrade process to be completed. Do not close the browser window or navigate to another page.

do not close the browser-min

5) The upgrade process is completed when a screen like below is shown.

upgrade work 365 to v2.5.0.0-min

Congratulations! The Work 365 upgrade process was completed successfully!

Next Steps

  1. Review the configuration settings.
  2. Assign security roles to users.
  3. Configure Manufacturers.
  4. Configure Providers.
  5. Configure your connection with Partner Center (Direct Bill Partners only).
  6. Review the QuickStart guide.

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