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Invoice Template Review and Configuration

Importing an Invoice Template


Please have the Invoice template (w365-invoice-template.docx) saved somewhere on the disk. Please reach out to the Work 365 team if you are unable to find the invoice template.

Note, the template has some placeholders in the header section of the template which should be filled in before importing into CRM.   

Importing the Template 

  • From UCI interface, click on the settings gear icon top right corner and select advanced settings.
  • Click the settings dropdown, and select templates.
  • Select “Document Templates” from the available list of templates.
  • Select the “Upload Template” option from the top ribbon. 
  • Browse and upload the template saved as part of the prerequisites.  
  • Please ensure the upload was successful.
  • Then ensure this template is selected on the Work 365 Configuration page for the Invoice Template setting.

Please watch the following video on “How to Import Invoice Template”


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