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How to Manually Generate an Invoice

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Work 365 automatically generates invoices based on the billing contract start date and billing frequency fields of the billing contract form. See Work 365 Billing Contracts for details. However, sometimes it is necessary manually create an invoice for a billing contract.

Go to Work 365 ➤ Generate invoice on the customer’s billing contract.

  • Select the Billing Cycle for the invoice

    • Change Log Invoices: These invoices are intended to invoice mid-term changes for quarterly or annual billing contracts. They should not be used for monthly billing contracts
    • Note: Billing Contracts with quarterly or annual billing frequencies will automatically generate change log invoices by default if there are any change logs which need to be invoiced.
      • Annual: Change log invoices are generated Friday mornings EST.
      • Quarterly: Change log invoices are generated the 1st of every month
    • Range of Billing Cycles available: The range of billing cycles to choose from is determined by the Work 365 Configuration Setting ‘Invoicing Cycle Range” found on the Work 365 Configuration page.
      • Note: The earliest billing cycle available to select on the invoice will be determined by the billing contract start date. For example: a billing contract which was created 11/15/2019 will not be able to generate an invoice for 9/15/2019 because the contract did not exist at that point.
      • Note: If an invoice has already been generated for that billing cylce, then the original invoice will need to be deleted so the invoiced items can become billable for invoicing again. 
    • Once an invoice is generated, it will become linked to the completed billing schedule. See Billing Schedules for details.

When an invoice is successfully generated, the popup will update to this screen.

  • Note: The below message indicates the invoice for this cycle has been generated. This message will appear for invoices that are manually generated for the first time, or invoices which have already been automatically generated.
    • Note: To generate another invoice for the same billing cycle, the “Replace the existing invoice” box must be checked. Note if another invoice for the same billing cycle were to be generated, it will not remove the other invoice from CRM or Work 365. However, it will replace the linked invoice on the Billing Schedule for this billing cycle.

When a change log invoice is not generated it could be due to the license changelog record (LCL) being linked to another invoice. To fix this matter, follow these steps:

  • First, go to the License Change Logs tab and look for the LCL record that we are trying to capture in the new invoice.
  • If there’s an invoice already linked, open it and confirm that the LCL is listed on the invoice line items.
  • In case that the LCL was captured on that other invoice, you can go back to the LCL record and remove the invoice shown there.
  • Lastly, return to the billing contract and generate the license change log invoice manually. This will link to the appropriate invoice.

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