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How to Manually Generate and Send an Invoice

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Work 365 automatically generates invoices based on the billing contract start date and billing frequency fields of the billing contract form. See Work 365 Billing Contracts for details. However, sometimes it is necessary manually create an invoice for a billing contract.

Go to Work 365 ➤ Generate invoice on the customer’s billing contract.

  • Select the Billing Cycle for the invoice

    • Change Log Invoices: These invoices are intended to invoice mid-term changes for quarterly or annual billing contracts. They should not be used for monthly billing contracts
    • Note: Billing Contracts with quarterly or annual billing frequencies will automatically generate change log invoices by default if there are any change logs which need to be invoiced.
      • Annual: Change log invoices are generated Friday mornings EST.
      • Quarterly: Change log invoices are generated the 1st of every month
    • Range of Billing Cycles available: The range of billing cycles to choose from is determined by the Work 365 Configuration Setting ‘Invoicing Cycle Range” found on the Work 365 Configuration page.
      • Note: The earliest billing cycle available to select on the invoice will be determined by the billing contract start date. For example: a billing contract which was created 11/15/2019 will not be able to generate an invoice for 9/15/2019 because the contract did not exist at that point.
      • Note: If an invoice has already been generated for that billing cylce, then the original invoice will need to be deleted so the manually generated invoice has the most recent calculated price information.


  • Once the invoice is generated, it can be manually sent to the customer.
    • Open the invoice ➤ Work 365 button drop-down ➤ Send invoice

    • This email template will open up:

    • The invoice template will follow the contact preferences defined either on the billing contract or the Work 365 Configuration Settings. To edit the email template go to the Auto Send Invoice email template. See Work 365 Email Templates for details.
      • Note: For invoices to automatically be sent to customers, the contact field on the Billing Contract must be filled in. The system will use the same email template and send the email to the contact(s) listed on the billing contract.

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