Invoice Send and Template

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Invoices are generated using the Document Template that is specified on the Billing Contract. The Billing Contract indicates whether to use the Global Setting that is specified in the Configuration or the template at the Billing Contract. This allows you to have individual templates for different Billing Contracts.

NOTE: An invoice will be automatically sent to the recipient as soon as it is generated if the Auto Send Invoice setting is turned On.

If Invoices are Automatically set to send using the Auto-Send feature on the Billing Contract.

The email template:

Dear [Billing Contact Name],

Please find attached a copy of your latest invoice against Billing Contract – <Billing Contract Name>


[Billing Contract Owner]

[Organization Name]

Version 1.8 – It is currently not possible to customize the text.

A copy of the email is sent to Invoice Email Recipient setting in the configuration setting.

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