Work 365

Managing Refunds

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Work 365 enables Partners to manage refund payments. To enable this functionality, changes can be made at the system level, or at the customer Billing Contract level.

  1. Enabling Refunds at the system level:
    1. Work 365 ➤ Configuration Settings
    2. Under the Invoice Section, select Generate Refund Invoice
    3. Select yes
    4. Go to a Billing Contract, and update the Process Refunds field to “Use Global Setting.” This will align the billing contract to the configuration setting for enabling refunds
    5. The refund setting at the Billing Contract level can also override the configuration setting. If the configuration setting were set to no at a global level, enabling refunds at the billing contract level can still be managed. In that scenario, the Invoice Refund field would be set to yes. Vice versa, if the configuration setting is yes, selecting no on the billing contract will override the global setting and disable refunds for that contract.

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