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Customers Paying Invoices using PayNow

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The Work 365 Payment Processor, effective v3.1, enables end users to pay for invoices directly via the PayNow feature in Work 365.

  1. Ensure the Work 365 Payment Processor is Configured.
    1. Note: The selected services here will determine which payment methods the end user will be able to use when they pay for the invoice.
  2. Send the invoice to the customer following the “Sending the Invoice” document. Be sure to add the Pay Now Link to the Email Template directly. Then Hit Send.
  3. This is what the email will look like. To edit this email template, update the Manual Invoice Send template in Email Templates.
    1. Note the PDF attachment of the invoice is also available. Note, invoices manually generated by Work 365 which do not include the PDF attachment of the invoice template, the invoice send will automatically generate the PDF and attach it to the email.
  4. After clicking the Pay Now button, this screen will appear:
    1. This screen provides the same line details as would be listed in the invoice template PDF. By clicking the Download button, users can also download the PDF file (if it is not available as an attachment in the email directly).
  5. Click the Pay Now link; this window will popup:
      1. Users have the option of paying via Credit Card or Echeck.
    1. Checking Off “Save for future Use” ensures the payment info will be saved for future invoice payments.
      1. Once the payment is submitted, users will still be able to open the PayNow link on the email.
  6. The invoice will be marked as paid, and the PDF can be downloaded as well.






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