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Setting up a Payment Processor

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Work 365 can automatically charge invoices via credit card payment profiles. Work 365 is fully PCI compliant and does not store any confidential information. All confidential information is stored via the Payment Provider.

To set up a Work 365 Payment Processor:

  1. Navigate to Work 365 ➤ Payment Processors
  2. Create a new payment processor record with the following details
    1. Login ID and Transaction Key will be provided by Payment Provider.
      1. For Authorize.Net: Login to Authorize.Net ➤ Account ➤ API Credentials and Keys
        1. Note: If a Transaction Key is already listed, copy the existing Key. If no transaction key is created, select “New Transaction Key.”
          Name Authorize·Net
          Internal Name Work365.PaymentProcessors.AuthorizeNet
          Login Id Authorize.Net API Login ID
          Transaction Key Authorize.Net Transaction Key
          Payment Environment Select Sandbox or Production
          Currency Code Select Currency (Dropdown)
  3. Save the record.

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