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Provisioning a New Account with Synnex

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For Synnex there are two ways to set up new clients in regard to Work 365. Refer to the two scenarios below:

  1. Brand new Tenant Setup
    1. If a new client does not have an existing Microsoft tenant, and their tenant needs to be provisioned in order to create their subscriptions, note that this tenant can be provisioned via Work 365 using the Customer Onboarding Workflow or Sales Order Provisioning
      1. Note when following this process, be sure to select the automatic Synnex provider to provision the tenant with Synnex.


  1. Moving a client’s tenant from another provider to Synnex (ie. Direct with Microsoft to Synnex), or transferring a client’s tenant from one Synnex reseller provider to another Synnex reseller.
    1. Either of these scenarios would require that the account be set up in the Synnex portal directly (ECExpress).

Here are the steps to follow in setting up a new customer:

  1. Navigate to Synnex’s Portal: ECExpress
  2. Set up a new account for the client
  3. Go to Work 365 > Provider Management > Providers > Open the automatic Synnex provider
    1. Hit the Work 365 drop down > Sync Provider Accounts
    2. The client’s provider account is the customer’s tenant from the Synnex portal which has synced to Work 365.
      1. The account will need to be mapped to a CRM account so a connection between the client’s tenant and their account in CRM can be established (this enables the automatic subscription provisioning to take place). See Provider Accounts for additional information.
  4. Then go to the client’s billing contract to sync the subscriptions.
    1. If the subscriptions are not synced manually via the billing contract, all the client’s subscriptions will sync to Work 365 automatically through a backend job by the next day.
  5. Once the subscriptions are synced, ensure the Billing Contract, Customer, and pricing fields are all accurate.


If the client had a previous manual subscription which will be replaced by the automatic Synnex subscription:


  1. Of the old subscriptions with a Manual provider, reassign the License change log history to the automatic Synnex subscription, excluding the “create” license change log event, to the new Synnex subscription with the automatic Synnex provider. This way the license change log history is still active with the automatic subscription.
  2. On the new Synnex subscription complete the following updates: The purpose of this is to ensure the exact same subscription history is reflecting on the new subscription.
    1. Update the effective date of the subscription so it matches the same effective date on the manual subscription.
    2. update the “create” lcl event so that the quantity matches the same quantity on the previous manual subscription “create” lcl event.
    3. Archive the “create” lcl event on the new subscription to avoid it being invoiced. See this article on archiving lcl records.
  1. Deactivate the previous manual subscription. If this “deactivate” event should not be invoiced be sure to archive this lcl event. See this article on archiving lcl records.
  2. Run the license mismatch report to ensure there are no license mismatches on the which have to be addressed.
    1. Work 365 Administration > Help & About > License Mismatch Report under links on the right side


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