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There are four important steps or stages with implementing Work 365.

Work 365 On-boarding –

Generally, after the installation step, you can start using the application. The system will replace your spreadsheets if you are using them.

The second step is the one that takes a little more time. Since most of us are working with customers in the CSP program there are existing relationships – like Billing Contracts and Subscriptions that you will want to set up.

Once that is done the system starts to work for you which is when you get into the operational and on-going stages of reporting and reconciliation.

The Onboarding process takes 4 to 5 weeks. We work with you to set up, install, configure along with setting up your historical data in the application.  This service follows a weekly cadence where we understand your CSP process and products and help you implement the application, processes, train your team and most importantly become successful as a CSP.

email us at to discuss how you can get started with On-boarding.

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