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Configuring Product Catalog

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Work365 Integrates with the Product Catalog to facilitate the creation of Subscription Items from the Product Catalog.

With this configuration and settings in place, you will be able to look up a product from within the Subscription and automatically provision with the Integrated Provider like the Partner Center. The subscription will also Setup the child subscriptions if it is a bundle.

Perform these steps as the System Administrator.

Product Setup

  • Navigate To Dynamics 365 ➤ Sales ➤ Product ➤ Add Product  


   Settings ➤ Product Catalog ➤ Families & Product ➤ Add Product 

  • Change the Form to the Work 365 Product Form:
  • Enter the Product Details. Save the Newly created Product

If you are using an Automatic Provider Like Microsoft Partner Center – you can provision products directly from Work 365.

  • To Provision the same product from multiple Partner Center providers leave the Provider field blank. This way you can specify the Provider during the Provisioning and subscription setup process.
  • To Provision, the same Product from multiple Distributors, especially Automatic Distributors- like Synnex and TechData, create new Products with the appropriate Providers. 

For Microsoft Direct Partners The Offer ID from the Price List Maps directly to the

  • Billing Type: 
    • Non-Recurring Item: Non-Recurring items
    • License: (license based subscriptions)
    • Usage: Usage based subscriptions
    • Service: service based subscriptions
  • Use Provider
  • Provider Part Number
    • Direct CSPs: the Offer ID
      • Classic “Microsoft Azure”: MS-AZR-0145P (for production environments)
      • Azure Plan: DZH318Z0BPS6:0001
      • Non-Recurring Items
    • Tech Data: Sku #
  • Use Manufacturer

Once you save the product update Default Price List setting. 

Add the Price List Items

  • Go to the Additional Details section and add a new Price List Item.
  • This will open a new window where the price list needs to be configured. For more details go to Configuring the Product Price Lists.
  • Set the Subscription Selling Price and Save this Price List item.
    • If billing with multiple units (ie. Monthly and Annually) create annual and monthly price list items for the product.

Important Notes

  • Please use the settings and fields in the Work 365 Section of the Product form
  • If you are using an Automatic Provider Like Microsoft Partner Center – you can provision products directly from Work 365.
  • Price List Items on Products are the Selling Prices.

The Product is Now Setup for use with Work 365. To Use the Product Publish the Product.

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