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Configuring the Product Price Lists

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Create the Unit Group

1. Create a Subscription Revenue Unit Group

  • Navigate To Dynamics 365 ➤ Setting ➤ Product Catalog ➤ Unit Groups

Create Unit Group

In this example, the Unit Group is Called Subscription Revenue. 

Subscription Revenue is measured in Monthly terms so Define Primary Unit as Monthly Subscription 

2. Define the Units for the Unit Group

Open the Newly Created Subscription Revenue Group

Subscription Revenue

Open the Related Records for the Subscription Revenue Unit Group:

Subscription Revenue Unit Group

  • Define Annual Subscription – with Monthly as the Base Unit X 12 
  • Define Quarterly Subscription – with Monthly as the Base Unit X 3 

You now have the Default units for subscriptions created in the system.

Units Group for Subscription Revenue

Units Group

Note: You can use the Monthly Subscription Unit  

3. Setup the Price List

Settings ➤ Product Catalog ➤ Price Lists 

You may use an existing Price List or create a New Price List. It’s important to use a currency that you will use to Invoice the customers.

Price Lists

NOTE – This Price list can be used in the Work 365 Configuration ➤ Price List setting 

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