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Creating Product Bundles

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Bundling with Work 365

1. Create – the Individual Products that are components of the bundle using the steps to create a Product.

  •  Note: Bundles can be created manually on the Billing contract directly. The benefit of setting up a bundle on the billing contract directly is that the invoice will not include the child products from the bundle. 
  • Note: When creating product bundles in the Dynamics Product catalog, and the provisioning the bundle as a subscription, the resulting invoice will include the child product as nonbillable items. This is how Dynamics CRM handles real product bundles.

2. On the Products Screen – Click on Add Bundle 

3. Switch to the Work 365 Product form and complete the fields for the new Bundle Product.

4. Go to the Additional Details tab and Complete the Price List Items

5. Go to the Bundle Products tab and Add all the Child products that are components of this Bundle 

6. Click on Publish to use the Bundle with Work 365.

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