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Non-Recurring Products

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Work 365 can now manage the billing and invoicing for non-recurring products and sales. These non-recurring entities are designed for one-off sales, and term-based billing (ie. Azure Reserved Instances).

 To create a Non-Recurring product in the product catalog, go to Settings > Product Catalog > Families and Products > Add new Product

  • Name and Product ID: Sku Title copied from the Microsoft price list
  • Billing Type: Non-Recurring Item
  • Provider Part Number: (copied from the Microsoft price list)  Format:  Product ID:SkuID
  • Product Class: Product Resale
  • Purchase Type: Varies
    • Azure RIs: Reserved Instance
    • Windows or SQL: Software license or Software subscription
  • Monthly Unit Cost Price: Manufacturer’s cost price
  • Monthly Unit Selling Price: Selling Price to customer
  • Segment: Vertical/Industry



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