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Product Service Configuration

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Once enabled in an environment, the product service feature does not require automatic synchronization with a provider; however, it can be enabled to automate the product catalog management experience.

To enable the sync for the product service, go to Work 365 > Administration > Configuration > Product Service.

  • Add or Update Products:
    • Create Products: When enabled, the system will automatically add new products, in an Active state, to the catalog when subscriptions sync from the provider.
      • Note: the product service will identify if a product already exists in the product catalog by searching for the provider part number. If the part number is the same as what is reference on the subscription, then the system will not create a duplicate product.
      • If the part number is different, then the product service will create a new product in the catalog in an Active state.
    • Update Products: When enabled the product service will identify if there is a missing cost price or price list item. If either are missing on existing products the system will automatically update the catalog for the missing records.
      • Note: this feature will not override existing price list or cost prices which are already defined in the product catalog. Note that if there is a price change from the provider, the product service will flag this in and add a tag to the product referenced. For details see Work 365 Product Service.

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  • Default Price Lists
    • When a subscription syncs from the provider, and the product service is going to create a new product in the catalog, the product must have a default price list with which it can be added. For the provider(s) listed on the page, select a default price list for which products and price list items will be added.
    • Note: if the provider portal does not require a defined currency, then the currency can be selected on this page as well. However, if the provider portal has a default configured currency, the same currency will be selected on the configuration page.

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