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Part 1. Adding products to the Catalog

Within the Work 365 Product Service functionality, users can streamline their product catalog much more efficiently. This product service enables users to add new products, and update existing products, to their product catalog.

To enable this feature to your application, reach out to the Work 365 team on Yammer.
To see the configuration setting for the product service, refer to Product Service Configuration.

Go to Work 365 > Product Management > Product Service

By Default the Microsoft product list is added. Product lists from additional providers can also be added.

Left column

  • Underneath the Microsoft product folder select a category, then a product group

Middle Column

  • Products associated with the folders and categories selected on the left column menu will update the product viewing list in the middle column.
    • For Example, only selecting the Office 365 product group populates only Office 365 product skus for viewing.
  • In the middle column additional filters can be applied by searching or selecting a category. Products can also be searched in the search field.

Right Column

  • To add your existing products from your product catalog to the product service:

    • Taking this step will enable the product service to notify users when price updates have been made to the provider price list.
  • To add new products to your catalog,
    • Hit Ctrl and select multiple product lines in the middle column; then, while continuing to hold the Ctrl key drag and drop those products to the right column.

  • To remove products from the right column:
    • Hit the red x on the product line to remove individual products
    • Or Ctrl and select multiple product lines; then, while continuing to hold the Ctrl key drag and drop those products back into the middle column.

    • Or hit the trash icon in the right column to remove all products selected.

  • Hit the Save icon once all the products which need to be added to the product service have been added.

  • After hitting save, a success message will appear

Once the products are added to the product service, price list items can be added.

To bulk create price list items to all products added to the catalog based on a markup %, select “Add price list item”.

Select a default price list and unit, and add the markup %. This markup % will be applied against the cost of the product to calculate the selling price.

Once added, all the price list items for the product lines will be added based on the defined markup %.

Price list items can also be added on a per product basis by selecting +Add Row under the product line as shown above. When adding a specific row to a product, select the price list and preferred unit.

(Note, when switching from a monthly to annual sales unit, the system will automatically calculate the new cost price.)

Then define either a markup % or a selling price. Whatever field is populated first (markup % or selling price), the system will auto-calculate the other field.

Note: there can be multiple price list items for the same product which have different price lists, currencies, and units. See Product Catalog Q&A for details.

Then hit add.

Once all the products and price list items are added hit Proceed.

A popup screen will ask to confirm any product changes. Hit Save.

Once saved, these products and price list items will be added to the product catalog in a Draft product status. Be sure to publish a product once it is ready for subscription creation. See Configuring the Product Catalog for details.

Product Service Tags:

After products have been selected using the product service feature, tags may appear on the product line items.

  • New! – refers to a new sku which has been added to the provider price list.

Update available! $x flags subscriptions which have had a price update in the Microsoft price list. Once there is a flag, users can adjust the selling price on the existing price list item. Once the product service page is saved, the price list item will be updated in the product catalog.

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