Work 365

Quickstart Billing and Subscription Management

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Work 365 apps is a platform that leverages Dynamics CRM and it’s entities. The Billing and Subscription Management module helps you create invoices on a one-time or recurring basis.

  • Installing & Configuring – Work 365. This should be fairly straightforward for those of you have installed a solution in Dynamics before and should take 30-45 mins. It also covers the integration with Partner Center for Direct Billing Partners.
  •  Understand the data model – While this is an optional step; it will give you a logical understanding of the platform and the related entities. This should give you context for the rest of the setup.
  • Configuring your Providers (Distributors) – The Work 365 installation process creates most of the default configuration required to run the solution. However, some additional configuration should be performed manually. Setup your Manufacturers
  • Set up Product Catalogs (including bundles).
  • If you are direct Provider Import and setup the Provider Accounts
  • Create a Billing Contract – Billing Contracts are at the heart of Work 365 and represent the contractual relationship you have with your customer.
  • Setup your Subscriptions
  • Use the On-boarding Service to get your system set up configured, ensure the invoices are being generated accurately and that your historical data is imported and your Sales, Service and Finance users are trained.

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