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Sales Order Provisioning

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Work 365 enables you to provision new subscriptions directly from a sales order.

  • This feature is only applicable to customers leveraging the Dynamics 365 sales order entity in CRM.

  • Note for Automatic Providers like Microsoft Partner Center, if the provider account mapping is not completed for a customer then Partner Center will not be included in the list of Providers for provisioning the products. If Partner Center is not listed, complete the provider account mapping first for the tenant.

To provision subscriptions using this workflow follow these steps:

  1. Follow your normal sales process to closing a deal. If you use Dynamics 365 for your sales process, create a quote on the opportunity form. When a deal closes, close the quote as won, which will update the opportunity to won, and “Create Order.” Orders can also be created manually without an opportunity or quote.
  2. Once all products are on the Order form, hit “Provision Order.”
  3. Provisioning subscriptions for a net new customer will result in this screen.

To Provision any subscriptions with an automatic provider, the account must first go through the provisioning account process. To do so click on “Accounting Provisioning.” This will navigate you to a different screen. Hit yes. Then follow the details on provisioning an account in the article Customer Onboarding Workflow.

  1. Go back to the sales order, hit Provision order again, and quickly create the customer’s Billing Contract.
  2. The Billing Contract Form:
    • Select if the billing contract will be recurring or non-recurring. See Work 365 Non-Recurring Billing Contracts for additional information.
    • The page will auto-populate the current date in which the sales order is being provisioned. The end date is set out far in the future as an auto-renewal. These can be changed.
    • Determine the customer’s billing frequency: Monthly, Annually, Quarterly
    • Determine the product type” CSP, Support Contract, Managed Services
    • Determine Payment Terms: Due on Receipt, Net 30, Net 45, Net 60
    • Determine Process Refunds: Use Global Setting, Yes, No
    • See Work 365 Managing Refund Payments for more details.
    • Hit Save
  3. Once the billing contract is created, the products selected on the sales order will auto-populate as subscriptions.
  4. Provisioning items
    • Each subscription is a sales order line item. If the customer has more than one billing contract, you can select which billing contract the subscription will be tied to.
    • The subscription can be provisioned as a new subscription or as an existing subscription.
    • Provisioning Unit: determines the Provider provisioning frequency for the subscription (monthly or annually)
    • Provision On: Enables you to change the selected provider with which to provision the subscription.
    • Fulfill Order: Checking this off will fulfill the sales order in CRM
    • Hit save.
  5. A confirmation message will appear:
  6. After the order has been provisioned, the Order status will become “Fulfilled” and the Status Reason “Complete.”

The sales order provisioning process has been completed.

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