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Creating Subscriptions

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How to Create Subscriptions using Work 365

Note this method does not include the process of creating subscriptions via the onboarding workflow, or a sales order.

A Subscription is an on-going service. Click the following to see the 3 types of subscriptions.

  • Open a customer’s Billing Contract, and click on the subscription tap.
    • Click +New Subscription on the right hand side.
  • Ensure the subscription type aligns to the product billing type.
    • License billing type = license based subscription
    • Usage billing type = usage based subscription
    • Service billing type – service based subscription
  • Search for and select the product.
  • Ensure the following fields are updated and correct:
    • Price List
    • Sales Unit
    • Selling and Cost price per unit
    • For usage subscriptions – markup %
    • Currency
    • Customer
    • Billing Contract
    • Provider
    • Provider Account
    • Provisioning Frequency
    • Commitment End Date
  • Complete General, Billing and Provider details
  • For license and service subscriptions add in the license quantity.
  • Save “Subscription”
  • For automatic providers, ensure the license change log is successfully provisioned.

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