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Deactivating and Activating a Subscription

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Work 365 enables Partners to activate and deactivate subscriptions in Work 365 with automatic updates to Partner Center.

Steps for Deactivating a Subscription:

  1. Optional to enable refund payments. For instructions on configuring refund payments, please refer to the article Managing Refund Payments.
  2. Deactivate button on the subscription you want to deactivate
  3. At the pop-up window, select deactivate
  4. After the subscription is deactivated the following items will occur:
    • Status Reason will change from Active to Suspended
    • The subscription will become inactive
    • A deactivation changelog will be created showing the total reduction of licenses. This changelog syncs with the Partner Center and will deactivate the subscription in Partner Center.
    • For subscriptions with a Manual Provider, the changelog provisioning status will need to be updated once a subscription has been suspended. To go back to that subscription, you will need to look under Inactive Subscriptions since the subscription has been deactivated.
    • After the subscription is deactivated, follow the process to deactivate the billing contract.

Note: When a customer terminates their services, it is important to follow a specific process in Work 365. For more details see Deactivating Billing Contracts.

To Activate a subscription:

  • Go to the inactive subscription that was deactivated.
  • Select Activate
  • The following actions will occur
    • The status reason will be updated to Active
    • The subscription will become active
    • An activation changelog will be created.
    • Subscriptions with an Automatic Provider will automatically be provisioned. Subscriptions with a Manual Provider will need to be provisioned manually.
    • The activated subscription will be included on the next automatically generated invoice.

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