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Scheduled License Change Logs

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Scheduled license change logs (slcl) are created when there is a subscription update event is scheduled to happen in the future. For example, on can schedule a future subscription quantity update or schedule the deactivation of a subscription. Here is a guide on how to create scheduled license change logs.

Creating the scheduled change logs with a future effective date will result in the slcl having a “Pending” status reason, and that change taking place on that future date. When that date arrives, the following will occur: 

  • the subscription will update with the update event defined on the scheduled lcl  
  • Once the subscription is updated the scheduled lcl status reason will become archived automatically.  
  • Also, when the subscription is updated a regular license change log will be created showing the effective change that was made.  

Here is an example scheduled lcl in a Pending status. This example is a scheduled change log which will update the subscription quantity in the future. 

*Note, when scheduled license change logs are created from the subscription directly, the Customer, Subscription, and Name fields will populate automatically. If a scheduled lcl is created from the Subscription Management navigation menu, then these fields will not be populated automatically.  


*Note if a scheduled lcl fails to update a subscription, the slcl will result in a “Merge Failed” status reason. To learn the failure reason of the subscription update, open the Work 365 Job on the job tab and look at the failure reason listed under the Parameters tab of the job.  


The fields on a scheduled lcl record are: 


  • Customer 
  • Subscription 
  • Name 
  • Change Type: Indicates the type of event taking place on the subscription. These are the options for this field 
  • Update: indicating a subscription update in the future where the subscription already exists and will remain active. This will be the default setting when an slcl is created.  
  • Activate: Indicates an activate event where a subscription which is currently inactive will become reactivated on a future date.  
  • Deactivate: indicates a scheduled deactivation for the subscription on a future date.  
  • Effective Date: this date will roll over to the regular license change log that is created once the subscription update event takes place. For quantity change events this date impacts when the regular lcl becomes eligible for invoicing and will impact the proration of the prorated invoice line. 
  • Provision On: indicated when the subscription change will be provisioned (separate from the invoicing). 

Update Details: 

  • Quantity Change 
  • Sales Unit 
  • Selling Price per Unit 
  • Currency 
  • Cost Price Per Unit 


Populating data in these order reference fields will roll the data into the resulting license change log that is created after the subscription is updated and the scheduled lcl is completed.  

  • Order 
  • Order Line 
  • Order Reference 
  • Order Date 
  • Order By 
  • Order Source 


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