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Service Subscription

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A subscription type where customers pay per license that is provisioned.

Work 365 is integrated with the Product Catalog in Dynamics 365. This means that anytime a new subscription is created, looking up the product in the product field will then automatically populate the product details on the subscription.

Setting up the product catalog provides Integration and automation capabilities that can save time during provisioning and billing.

The fields that will populate include:

  • Subscription Name
  • Friendly Name – Appears on the Invoice
  • Monthly Unit Cost – Used for Incentives and Profitability calculations in Reports
  • Monthly Unit Selling Price – Used as the Unit rate
  • Product Class – Used in the Incentive Calculations//TODO
  • Provider Partner Number – To identify with the Provider the Provisioning SKU
  • Provider  – Where the Subscription is Provisioned. Service based subscriptions will have a Do Nothing Provider in most cases.
  • Allow End User Modification: Checkbox allows the end user to update the quantity of the subscription through the Portal. Note: Non-billable subscriptions will not be eligible for end user modification on the self service portal.

After the service subscription is created in Work 365, the provisioning will occur through a virtual provider (Do Nothing Provider).

 If the subscription selected is part of a Bundle all the child subscriptions will also be setup and provisioned using the structure defined in the Product Catalog.

 The subscription will be eligible for Billing if the Billable Status is set correctly and it is not a Trial. If the Monthly unit selling price is blank the invoicing engine will enter a default value of -999 as the unit rate.

 Every change in the license quantity will result in a License Change Log item that is created.

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