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Add the PayNow link to an Email Template

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Effective in the 3.2 version of Work 365, the PayNow feature extends to the email templates in Work 365. Previously, the PayNow link could be used when sending invoices manually to customers by adding the PayNow link to the email send template before sending the invoice. Now in addition to this users can add the PayNow link as a token to the send email templates directly.

Currently there are two Send Invoice email templates:

  • Auto Send Invoice
  • Customer Invoice – Manual Trigger


To add the PayNow link to either of these templates, open one of the templates and copy the PayNowLink token listed in the Optional Tokens field.


Then paste the token in the body of the email as preferred. Add any additional messaging as needed to refer to the PayNow button, and save.


Note: if it is preferred to leave the default email template settings as they are, one can clone the email template and then add the PayNow link to the cloned template. Refer to the Email Templates document linked above on how to clone the email templates. 4


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