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Work 365 Jobs

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Work 365 jobs are tasks which need to be completed in Work 365 that require processing time.

Work 365 Job Types:

  • Charge Invoice– The job which automatically charges auto-generated invoices.
    For details on this see Work 365 managing payments article.
  • Confirm Customer Acceptance of Provider Agreement– In order for subscriptions to be provisioned by an Automatic Provider, customers must accept the Provider Agreement. This job sends a partner a notification after a customer has accepted the Provider Agreement. See the Work 365 Email Templates on this notification. To send the Provider Agreement Request, see the Work 365 Onboarding Process.
  • Create PDF– Job which creates PDF attachments on Work 365 invoices when they are automatically generated. See the Work 365 Configuration Settings for details.
  • Send Email– Work 365 uses email templates to send email notifications to customers for various reasons. For details see Work 365 Email Templates.
  • Send Portal Invite- When the Work 365 Self-Service portal solution is installed in CRM, an Email template is created for sending portal invitations. This job runs when portal invitations are sent to customers from CRM.
  • Sync Invoice– Auto-syncs the invoice with the Accounting System Connector when an invoice is automatically generated. For details see Work 365 Billing Contract.
  • Sync License Change Log– When an Automatic Provider is selected on a subscription, this job Auto- syncs the License Change Log with an Automatic Provider in order to provision licenses. For details see the article on License change Log.
    For details on Work 365 Providers see this article.
  • Sync Non-Recurring Item– When an Automatic Provider is selected on a Non-Recurring Item, this job Auto- syncs the item with the Automatic Provider in order to provision the license. See this article on Non-Recurring Billing Contracts and Items.
  • Update Payment Status of Invoice- After an invoice is charged in Work 365, either automatically or manually, this job updates the status of the invoice to paid.
  • Manual Provider Reminder Email- When there is a Non-Recurring item or a subscription with a Manual Provider that requires manual intervention, this job send an automated Work 365 email, for more details see Work 365 Email Templates.
  • Update Next Invoice Date- The Next Invoice Date is updated on the Billing Contract, for more information see Work 365 Billing Contract.
  • Merge Scheduled License Change Log– This job is executed when the Effective Date mentioned on the Scheduled License Change Log arrives, and converts it into a License Change Log. For more information please go to Creating a scheduled license change log

Status Reasons for Work 365 Jobs:

  • Waiting– the Work 365 job is created it in CRM.
  • Dispatched– the job is dispatched from CRM to the Work 365 servers in the back end.
  • In progress– the job has been dispatched from the Work 365 servers in the back end to CRM.
  • Failed– the job has failed and the reason for the failure can be found under ‘Job Results‘ under the Parameters tab.
  • Succeeded– the job is completed successfully.
  • Retry– the job has failed but it retries 5 times before changing the status reason to ‘Failed’. During those attempts the status reason is ‘Retry’.
  • Not Applicable– When the job is triggered for a function that does not require any action. The reason can be found under ‘Job Results‘ under the Parameters tab.
  • Cancelled– the job has been cancelled manually after it was triggered.

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