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Work 365 Jobs

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Work 365 jobs are tasks that need to be completed in Work 365 that require processing time.

  • Active Jobs: jobs that are in a processing period and have a “waiting status.”
  • Inactive Jobs: jobs where processing has been completed and can end in three different status results:Active Work 365 Jobs
    • Succeeded: When a job has been processed successfully
    • Not Applicable: When a job already exists, any new job becomes “Not Applicable.”
      • Scenario 1: When generating an invoice and creating a PDF for the Invoice.
        1. When a job has been created (ex. an invoice is generated) and is in a processing period.
        2. The form for that job has been edited while still in the processing period.
        3. Due to the new information on the document a new job will be created, and it will be labeled as Not Applicable.
        4. Because the previous job is still processing and will show the changes, the second job is not needed and becomes Not Applicable.
      • Scenario 2: Customer Acceptance of Provider Account
        1. When a customer has already accepted the form and the job has been successfully processed.
        2. Any new jobs created for the agreement becomes Not Applicable because the task has already been successfully completed in an existing job.
    • Work 365 is continuously being enhanced and newer capabilities are being built. Some of these capabilities will be exposed via the Jobs framework and you may see newer Job types appear.

Confirm Acceptance with Provider

  • Failed: When the job being processed has failed. To learn the reason for a job with a Failed status go to – Work 365 Jobs > Inactive Work 365 Jobs > select the job you are looking for.

provider specific account id not found

Please note that new Jobs are being added with each version of Work 365. For more information on each version of Work 365 please go to Work 365 > Help and About.

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