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Setting Up the NetSuite Connector

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The following are the pre-requisites for creating a new NetSuite Accounting System connector.

  1. Create a new role
    1. Login to NetSuite.
    2. Navigate to Setup -> Users/Roles -> Manage Roles -> New
    3. Enter values for the following fields:
      1. Field Value
        Name Work 365
        ID work365
        Center Type Enter a value of your choice
        Employee restrictions None – no default
        Subsidiary Restrictions
        Accessible Subsidiaries ALL
        Two Factor Authentication required Not required
        Duration of trusted device Per Session
    1. Add the following permissions:
      1. Record Type Permission Level
        Transactions Find Transaction View
        Invoice Full
        Invoice Sales Orders Full
        Sales Order Edit
        Lists Accounts View
        Classes View
        Currency View
        Customers Full
        Departments View
        Employee Record View
        Employees View
        Items Full
        Locations View
        Tax Records View
        Tax Schedules View
        Vendors View
        Setup Accounting Lists View
        CRM Lists View
        Customer Status Full
        SOAP Web Services Full
    1. Save the record.
    2. Re-open the record.
    3. Note the Id of the record from the URL. This will be required on the connector configuration page.


  1. Assign the role to the integration user
    1. Navigate to Setup -> Users/Roles -> Manage Users
    2. Open the user record which will be used for this integration.
    3. Click on Edit button
    4. Under Access -> Roles, Add the role created in Step #1 to this user.
    5. Save the record.
  1. Create a custom field for Transaction Lines
    1. Navigate to Customization -> List, Records & Fields -> Transaction Line Fields -> New
    2. Enter values for the following fields:
      Field Value
      Label Work 365 Reference
      ID _work365_txnline_reference
      Type Free-Form Text
      Store Value Yes
      Applies To Choose Sale Item
    3. Under Access -> Role, add the Work 365 Role created in Step #1.
      1. Access Level = Edit
      2. Level for Searching/Reporting = Edit
    4. Save the record.

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