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Work 365 Agreements

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Work 365 Agreements are intended to be customer agreement records. For Direct CSP Partners these Agreements pull from, and sync to, Microsoft Partner Center. However, an agreement record can be created with any provider, automatic or not, such as a distributor or even a Partner’s agreement with their customer.

When provisioning for a new Account through Work 365, the Agreement template is selected with an Executed-On date. This process will automatically create the Agreement record in Work 365. For Direct CSP Partners, these agreements are first created in the Partner Center after the account is provisioned, and then synced back to Work 365.

For more information on how to provision an account with a Provider, see the Customer Onboarding Workflow. Furthermore, the physical document that customers sign can be added as an attachment in the notes section of the agreement in Work 365.

As a best practice, customer agreements should be tagged on the Billing Contract form.

This needs to be done manually where the button Add Existing Agreement is clicked, the customer name is searched, and the agreement will populate to be selected. Add the agreement and then it will be tagged on the Billing Contract.

Note: When a customer cancels their services, the Agreement can also be deactivated. For this just click on Deactivate, this will change the status from Active to Inactive. For details on how to properly deactivate customer subscriptions, go to Deactivating Subscriptions in Work 365.

Note: An Agreement template is required for an Agreement to be created. By default, the Microsoft Cloud Agreement and Microsoft Customer Agreement templates are already created in Work 365. However, agreement templates for other manual providers, and Partner providers will need to be created.

When an Agreement Template is in an Active State, syncing Provider Accounts from an Automatic Provider to Work 365 will create Agreements of that Provider in that Account. These Agreements will be created with a Pending Status Reason. Customers will need to Accept the Agreement.

V3.0 of Work 365 enables users to bulk create agreement records for the Microsoft Customer Agreement. A manual step must be taken in order for the Microsoft Customer Agreements to be created in bulk.

  • Go to Work 365 > Provider Management> Agreement Templates
  • Hit the Work 365 “Create Agreements” button.

    This will bulk create Microsoft Customer Agreements for any customers that do not have the agreement already in place. These agreements which are created will not auto-populate the “Signed by” and “Created On” fields. These fields will need to be updated manually with the correct data.


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