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Configuring Providers

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Configuring Providers in Work 365

A provider is a source for you to provision the products you are selling to your end customers. As a Microsoft Partner – you sell resell Microsoft Products to your end Customers and you provision these Microsoft Products either through Microsoft directly from the Partner Center as a Direct provider or Direct Biller or you provision them from a distributor. You may also provision products directly from a third party if you are not purchasing it from a distributor. In the case where you are an ISV or have your own product configure your company as a provider.

Provider and Manufacturer types:

Managing subscriptions with different providers:

For versions 3.0 & 3.2: Navigate to Work 365 > Provider Management Menu > Providers

For 3.5 and future versions: Work 365 > Administration > Admin Hub > Integrations tab > Filter by Provider Integrations.

Three Providers are created by Default in the System

Do Nothing Provider: This type of provider will not require any action when subscription quantities change. This is typically needed when configuring bundles, where the change in the quantity of a parent (virtual product) does not require any action. It’s a virtual provider that doesn’t need any adjustments of quantities in a Provisioning system. The License Change Log status in the case of a Do Nothing Provider will appear as “Not Applicable”

Manual Provider: This type of provider requires you to manually change the quantity in the provider’s system. The Work 365 system will send an email upon a change in subscription quantities. Automatic provisioning for this isn’t enabled and the service professional is expected to activate the changes manually on the provider’s system. The License Change Log status will appear as “Awaiting Provisioning“.

Once the Change has been made on the provider’s system the License Change Log must be updated to “Provisioned“. Until the status is updated to “Provisioned” a periodic reminder is sent to the owner of the billing Contract.

To configure an additional email that will handle the service request modify the Work365.Providers.ManualProvider.ProvisioningCopiedEmailAddresses value to include the email for your internal provisioning team.

You can create multiple Manual provider instances if you purchase from Multiple Distributors. Each one denoting the specific distributor and specifies a unique email address for the provisioning team of each of these Manual Providers.

Partner Center: Is an Automatic Provider. This type of provider is used to integrate with a Provider that has an API with integration to Work 365. Microsoft PartnerCenter is an example of one such automatic provider that can be setup with Work 365 for Direct Biller Partners. This provider will automatically synchronize changes (two-way) between PartnerCenter and Work 365 (additional configuration required).

Additional Automatic Providers supported by work 365:

Synnex- For additional details on setting up this provider go here.

TechData- For additional details on setting up this provider go here.

The setup of the Providers is covered during the On-boarding service –


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