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Setting up the TechData Provider, Provider Accounts, and subscriptions

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Setting up the TechData Provider, Provider Accounts, and subscriptions

Setting up this Provider is only applicable to Partners whose provider is TechData.

Note: You will need the following information in order to set up the TechData Provider. (Please contact your support representative at TechData to get the information)

1. Set up the Tech Data Provider: Go to Work 365 ➤ Provider ➤ +New

    1. Add the name
    2. Internal Name: Providers.TechDataCspProvider
    3. Add User Name: Client ID
    4. Add Password: Client Secret
    5.  End Point URL
    6. Under Additional Properties:
      1. TechData SOIN
      2. Currency Code
      3. API End Point URL
      4. Add the TechData Reseller Relationship URL
    7. Save

2. Hit the Work 365 button dropdown ➤ Verify Connectivity

3. Once verified ➤ Sync Provider Accounts

These provider accounts are all the customer accounts on your TechData Portal.

Note: Currently the TechData integration does not allow customer accounts to be created from Work 365, customer accounts can only be synced from TechData into Work 365.

4. Map the provider accounts: Each account will need to be mapped to a unique CRM account (there cannot be 1 CRM account for multiple Provider Accounts). See Provider Accounts for additional information.

5. Set up the product catalog with the Tech Data products. Note, the “Provider Part Number” should be the Tech Data Sku number. When subscriptions sync from the provider, they will map to the correct products from the catalog, and populate default pricing details.

6. All the TechData subscriptions will sync to Work 365 automatically through a backend job by the next day. Subscriptions can also be manually synced at the Billing Contract level.

7. Once the subscriptions are synced, ensure the Billing Contract, Customer, and pricing fields are all accurate.

8. (If applicable) any old subscriptions with a Manual TechData provider: reassign the License changelog history to the automatic TechData subscription. This way the license change log history is still active with the automatic subscription.

8. Deactivate the manual TechData subscriptions.


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