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Work 365 Provider Accounts

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Provider Accounts map end customers’ accounts in the provider portal to CRM accounts. For example, customer accounts in Partner Center are mapped to the CRM accounts via the Work 365 Provider Accounts. This mapping is required for subscriptions to be successfully provisioned in Work 365. For details on the different types of Providers see Work 365 Providers

Note: When setting up Work 365, update the Provider Account Auto-Match setting on the Work 365 Configuration page to true. This will enable the auto-mapping of provider accounts to CRM accounts. Note that this mapping will not occur if the email domain of the customer account in the provider portal does not match the email domain of any contacts listed on the account form in CRM. If this happens, mapping the provider account manually through the steps below are still required after the provider accounts have been synced to Work 365.

Before the provider accounts can be synced to Work 365, integration with the provider must first be established:

Then to sync provider accounts from the provider, go to Work 365 ➤ Providers ➤ select the applicable automatic provider ➤ hit Sync Provider Accounts.

After the Provider Accounts have been synced, go to Work 365 ➤ Provider Accounts. There will be some accounts that are missing the mapping information.


  • Note: Prior to v3.1 of Work 365, each Provider Account in Work 365 needs to be mapped to its own unique CRM account in order for that tenants subscriptions to be successfully provisioned. 
    • v3.1 moving forward, multiple provider accounts in Work 365 can be mapped to the same CRM account. 


Provider Name- Reflects the customer account in the automatic Provider Portal.

Account Name- Reflects the CRM account. If the account field is empty, look for the CRM account and select the appropriate one.

Note: If the CRM is not available on the list, double click on the Provider Account record, hit the magnifying glass on the empty account form, quickly create a new CRM account.

Provider Specific Account Id- Is the unique Id of the customer for the Provider.

Note: For the Provider Account to successfully auto-map from the customer tenant in the provider portal to the CRM Account, the domain of the customer in the portal must be the same as the domain in the CRM Account. The Provider account will list all the domains that were pulled from the Partner Center for the customer. 

The best practice of provisioning new customers is to do so directly from Work 365 as this process will automatically map provider accounts to CRM Accounts. For details on provisioning new customers see the Work 365 Onboarding Workflow or the Sales Order Provisioning Process.


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