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Setting up taxes in Work 365

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To see training on the tax functionality in Work 365:

Video training 1

Video training 2: If applicable.

  1.  Go to the Work 365 taxation menu
    1. Tax Services: create one or more tax services based on your tax requirements.
      1.  See Work 365 Tax Services for details.
    2.  Tax Rate Groups: Create one or more tax groups with the applicable tax rates within each group as per your tax requirements.
      1. See Work 365 Tax Rate Groups for details.
    3.  Define the tax service and tax rate group on customer billing contracts. See Work 365 Billing Contracts.
      1. On each customer’s billing contract, select the tax service and tax rate group applicable to that client’s location.
        1. If you have only one tax service that will be applicable to all customers, just select this tax service on the Work 365 Configuration page under Default Tax Service. This will be the default tax service applied to all billing contracts.
    4. On each subscription in Work 365, ensure the ‘Is Taxable’ is set to yes (under Billing & Provider details)

    1. If you have Quickbooks set up and integrated with Work 365 as an accounting system connector, Work 365 will be calculating the taxes on the generated invoices and then syncing them to Quickbooks.
      1. If you prefer Quickbooks to continue calculating taxes and not Work 365, see I want Quickbooks to calculate my taxes.


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