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Work 365 Product Licensing

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Product Licensing for all Work 365 Apps

Work 365 Add-ons are licensed to a Dynamics 365 organization. When you install a Work 365 add-on, the solution is initially set up in a trial state. A license key is automatically produced once you register the solution by visiting the Settings ➤ Solutions page in Dynamics 365. You receive a unique License key that is registered to your Dynamics 365 organization. The License key cannot be moved to another Dynamics 365 Organization. If you need to install the license on a new Organization a new Registration process needs to be completed with a new License key that is issued.

Below are some useful links to walk through the process.

Step 1: Registering the Add-on – For Registration, Go to Setting. Install the add-on solution file. Fill all the details in the profile tab. Click “Submit”.

Step 2: Activating the Trial License – After registration, the status will be changed to “Trial”.

Once your Trial has concluded you may purchase the Paid license.  To receive a Paid license please purchase the license based on your user tier at Once your order is received your account or support representative will convert your Trial License to a paid license in our system and confirm this with you over an email. Your next steps in activating the Paid license are below:

Step 1: Activating the Paid License – Activation of the paid add-on.

Step 2: Deploying and installing your Paid License.  You have two options – Automatic Refresh or Manual Activation.

Refreshing License – Update license file.

Or Manual Activation – If you are unable to activate the add-on. Contact us at with few details.

Updating Registration Details – For the update of registration details, click on “Update Profile”.

Activate the Paid License –  Steps to redeem license Key.


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