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Adding Custom 1-Click Buttons within the Form

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After the configuration record has been created (as mentioned in step 2.11), the configured report will automatically show up in the pop-up form.

This step is needed only if you would like to add additional custom buttons within the form as shown below:

1 Click PDF-screenshot-12

Step 1: Browse to the “Form Editor” of the entity to which you wish to add the 1-Click button (* Please use IE browser to add the custom button *)

1 Click PDF-screenshot-13

Step 2: Insert Web Resource by selecting the area of the form to which the button needs to be added

1 Click PDF-screenshot-14

Step 3: Select the iotap_DynamicButton web resource (can search using the keyword “dyn”)

1 Click PDF-screenshot-15

Step 4: Enter the below details in web resource – General tab:

  1. Name and label (these texts are ignored by the 1-Click add-on)
  2. Custom Parameter: add text in format: Button Label|ActionID

Button Label: is the text label that will be shown on this custom button
| – is the pipe symbol

ActionID: This value is available in the 1-Click PDF configuration record

1 Click PDF-screenshot-16

Step 5: Enter the below details in the Web resource – Formatting tab:

1 Click PDF-screenshot-17

Now browse to the Quote form and you will find the “Download Quote” button as shown below:

1 Click PDF-screenshot-18


In a similar fashion, you could add as many buttons as needed on the form. As shown below, we have added 3 buttons: (here we have inserted a new section with 3 columns and then added 3 web resources)

1 Click PDF-screenshot-19


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