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Configuring the Entities that need 1-Click PDF

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After installing the solution file, please refresh the page. Then browse to Settings > 1-Click PDF

Click “Install Sample Data” button from the top ribbon. This will create 3 sample configuration records – for Account, Contact and Quote entity.

You can add more configuration records as shown below:

1 Click PDF-screenshot-11


Description Remarks


Select the desired entity from the drop-down



Select the desired report from the drop-down



Download, Attach to Email, Attach to Notes


File Format

PDF, Word, Excel


File Name

Desired file name of a generated document

Display Name Desired display name of the report

There are two more fields on this form which are hidden by default.

If you need to use the Custom button functionality then open this form in edit mode and set the “Custom button” section property to “Display by default”.




Display in pop-up

Yes / No

When 1-Click PDF button is clicked from ribbon then a pop-up is shown with all the configured reports.

Action ID

This is system generated ID. This ID is used when custom 1-Click button needs to be added to any form. Refer section 2.12 for more details.


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