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Using 1-Click PDF Functionality

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Document generation using 1-Click PDF is possible via two approaches:

  1. Button in a ribbon on top of grid or form:
  2. Button from within the form

Approach 1: Button in a ribbon on top of the grid or form

1-Click PDF button displayed at top of a grid:

1 click PDF configuration

On clicking 1-Click PDF button from the top ribbon of the grid, a pop-up window will open up with the available reports. Please follow below steps to generate the PDF:

  1. Select Report
  2. Select Action (Download, Attach to email, Attach to notes)
  3. Select File format (PDF, Word, Excel)
  4. Select single or multiple records and click
  5. Enter the file name (optional)

Please note that in case of a grid, the data will be filtered by the record/’s selected in the grid. However, if no records are selected then no filter is applied.

In case of the form, the data will be filtered by the current record.

1-Click PDF displayed in form ribbon:

1 Click PDF-screenshot-9

Approach 2: Custom button from within the form (requires 1 click only)

This approach requires just 1 click and the add-on will execute all the steps required for generating the pdf automatically. You can add as many buttons on the form as needed.

1 Click PDF-screenshot-10

A configuration record is to be created which stores the report name, file format (PDF, word, excel), the action required (open, download, attach to email, attach to notes), file name. This configuration record is then linked to the button on the form.

So on click of the button, the add-on automatically gets the information from the configuration and directly executes all the steps (which earlier had to be done manually).


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