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Report Scheduler

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Report Scheduler Introduction – Introduction of Report Scheduler Add-on.

Product Version & System Requirements – Report Scheduler Product Version, System Requirements and Pre-requisite.

Activating the License – For activating the license of Report Scheduler.

Uninstallation Process – Uninstall Process of Report Scheduler. Take a backup of existing settings and records.

Assigning Security Roles – Once imported, security roles will be available.

Setting up the Report Scheduler – Personalize Set up of Report Scheduler.

Scheduling CRM Data & Email Subscription – Create scheduled deliveries using Report Scheduler.

Viewing related Emails & Event Logs – For checking scheduled records, go to “Closed Activities”.

Sending Test Email

Multi-User Scheduling of Single Report – Report Scheduler Functionality.

Customizing Email Template – Guide to Customizing Email Template.

Maintenance – Maintenance involves deleting sent email & event log records created by Report Scheduler add-on.

Installation Process – Guide for installing the Report Scheduler Add-on.

Upgrading to a Higher Version of the Add-on – Guide for installing the Report Scheduler Add-on.

Known Issues

Release Notes

Cancellation and Refund


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