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Installation Process

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If you already have a Report Scheduler solution previously installed, check the release notes, under “Miscellaneous Information,” to see if the Report Scheduler solution needs to be uninstalled first before installing the newer solution.

Please note that on deletion of an existing solution, the configuration settings will be lost.

In order to add the Report Scheduling functionality to your CRM environment, you will need the Report Scheduler solution file.

Installing the “Report Scheduler” Solution:












After successful import, the “RS Scheduled Records” link will appear in the Settings section as shown below:




The area under which “RS Scheduled Records” link should appear is configurable as shown below:




Event Logging: Report Scheduler add-on also has an event logging section which is visible under:
Settings > Extensions > RS Event Log.


To enable event logging, please check the “Enable Detailed Event logging” setting in the configuration page.

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