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Upgrading to a Higher Version of the Add-on

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If you already have a Report Scheduler solution previously installed, check the release notes, under “Miscellaneous Information,” to see if the Report Scheduler solution needs to be uninstalled first before installing the newer solution.

Please note that on deletion of an existing solution, the configuration settings will be lost.

Please follow the below steps to backup and restore the old scheduled records:

  • Step 1: Open Advanced Find page -This can be opened by selecting any entity record and clicking on “Advanced Find” from top navigation.
  • Step 2: Select the entity “RS Global Settings 2“ from the drop-down.
    • Click “Edit Columns” and then Add all columns. (or select View: RS Global Settings 2 – backup)
    • Click “! Results” button
    • Click “Export” and save the excel file (Do not select “Make this data available for re-import”)
    • Open the excel file and save as file type “XML Spreadsheet 2003 (.xml)”
  • Step 3: Please follow steps as above and Export “RS Global Settings 1”.
  • Step 4: Please follow steps as above and Export “RS Email Template” entity (This step can be ignored if no custom email templates have been created for report scheduler add-on)
  • Step 5: Please follow steps as above and Export “RS Scheduled Records”.
  • Step 6: Uninstall the existing report scheduler solution file and install the newer solution.
  • Step 7: Assign Work 365 RS security role to all users who need report scheduling functionality
  • Step 8: Import the excel files generated in steps 2-4
    • Browse to Settings ➤ Data Management ➤ Import
    • Click “Import Data” and select the excel file (Please ignore any Unmapped field notification and continue importing the file)
    • Please import files in below sequence:
Table Names
1 RS Global Setting 2
2 RS Global Setting 1
3 RS Email Templates
4 RS Scheduled Records
  • Step 9: Reactivating the report scheduler work-flow on existing scheduled records.

Kindly browse to Settings ➤ RS Scheduled Records: select all records and click de-activate and then click activate again. This will re-trigger the background process for all scheduled records.

Please email for any queries.

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