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Installation Process

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If you already have an Email2Case solution previously installed, check the release notes, under “Miscellaneous Information,” to see if the EmailToCaseAutomation solution needs to be uninstalled first before installing the newer solution.

Kindly note that the existing Email2Case configuration settings will get deleted if the solution is uninstalled.

To install the “Email to Case Automation” Add-on, navigate to the Settings ➤ Customization ➤ Solutions and Click “Import” as shown below:

import solution


‘Import Solution’ window will open up. Click on ‘Choose File’ button and locate the zip file of Email to Case Automation Solution on your system and click ‘Open’

Email to Case Solution


Now, click on the ‘Next’ button:

Select Solution Package

Again, click on the ‘Next’ button:

Solution Information

Next, click on the ‘Import’ button, this will start importing the solution:

Import Options

Import Customizations

After successful import, the below window will open. Now click on the ‘Close’ button.

Successful Import

Now, “E2CA” and “E2CA Event Logs” link will appear in the Settings section as shown below: (Please refresh the page after installing the add-on)

E2C Dynamics 365 Addition








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