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Self Service

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The Self-Service Portal for Work 365 is add-on into the Microsoft CRM Portals.

In order for your customers to request and manage their licenses and subscriptions the Self-Service portal must be setup along with the Solution from Work 365. The Self-Service portal doesnt include payments, and shopping around for subscriptions.

The Self-service portal provides these three specific capabilities:

1. Manage and View existing Subscriptions

2. View and Download Invoices

3. View Report on Azure Usage

To get started you will need to setup the CRM Customer-Service portal Add-On From your Office 365 Admin Center.

Select the Option for Customer

  • Customer Self-Service Portal

Work 365 Solution is supported ONLY on the Customer Self-Service portal. The work 365 self-service portal is not supported on other Portal Solutions.

Once the Portal Solution is installed and setup within your Dynamics 365 solution:


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