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Configure Products and Subscriptions for the Self Service Portal

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Note: these changes are applicable only to v2.7 of the portal and higher. For details on upgrading the portal, refer to this document Upgrading the Self-Service Portal. Also, refer to the additional Azure AD configuration steps post-upgrade to v2.7.

Enabling Subscriptions for self-service:

When upgrading the self-service portal, by default all existing subscriptions become disabled for self-service. After upgrading it is important to enabling the self-service for subscriptions which should be enabled.

Note: it is recommended to not enable self-service for subscriptions which are non-billable child subscriptions that are part of a bundle. This is because a customer should only be able to change license quantities on the parent subscription of the bundle.

Enabling self-service for billable addons in a bundle is fine because these subscriptions can have different license quantities from their associated Parent subscription.

To enable self-service on existing subscriptions, go to the subscription form. In the additional details section of the form, check the checkbox ‘Allow End User Modification.’

Subscriptions can also be bulk edited to enable self-service through an advanced find query searching for all subscriptions (keep in mind the note above regarding enabling self-service for child subscriptions). Bulk select the applicable subscriptions ➤ hit edit ➤ Then check the ‘Allow end-user modification’ box ➤ Hit save.

Note that a default Billing Contract must be selected in order for the subscriptions to be visible on the portal. For this the ‘Is Default’ field on the Billing Contract must be set to ‘Yes’.

Enabling Products for Self-service:

End-users can now create new subscriptions through the self-service portal. In order to do this the products in the catalog need to be configured for the portal.

Go to the product form, select the Product Details (Portal) form ➤ select the Work 365 tab and check the ‘Show on Portal’ checkbox. Save it.

Please note that the Provider field must be filled in.

This will ensure that the product can be viewed and added to a new subscription from the Portal.




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