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Creating the Portal Invitation Template

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Before sending invitations to customers, the url link to your portal must be properly configured. Follow these steps, to configure your portal invitation url, and edit the email template.

CRM Settings > Processes > change view to All Processes > Send Invitation

Deactivate the invitation for editing.

Under “Create an email to act as an email template” select view properties.

<hyperlink><name>[portal url]/register/?returnurl=/&invitation=[]</name><value>[portal url]/register/?returnurl=/&invitation=[]</value></hyperlink>

  • Delete the code on the email. Copy this url code and replace on the invitation
  • Replace portal url [green brackets]
  • Replace yellow square brackets with invitation code
    • Select the brackets. Look for: Encode Invitation Code. Add.

In the email template, the encoded invitation code will be embedded where the brackets are selected. Make sure the square brackets are deleted after the code is embedded. Repeat for the second set of brackets.


You have been invited to our portal. To redeem your invitation, please click the link below.
[New encoded invitation URL]

Step 1 – Click on the link
Step 2 – Click on register button
Step 3 – Customer Login to sign in with your Office 365 credentials.

You will be prompted with a consent screen. Accept the consent screen and continue with the registration and sign in page.

On this portal you will be able to handle the following functions:

  • view and manage all your subscription licenses purchased through [Company Name]
  • view and download your invoices
  • view and download your Azure consumption

Let us know if you have questions.


Portal Team


Save & Close the email template. Hit Activate.


The email will look something like this:

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