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Self Service Portal Security Roles

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When you initially set up the portal, there are two types of security roles. The first is an internal CRM security role. The second are customer security web roles.

CRM security Role: Portal: Send Invitation

  • A user in CRM must have this security role in order to send invitations to customers.

Customer web roles:

A default web role for all contacts accessing the portal is the Authenticated User which enables a user to access any information within the portal. To control which Work 365 entities a customer is able to access, assign the appropriate Work 365 customer web roles.

Go to CRM > Portals > Web Roles

  • Work365 Administrator: has access to all Work 365 menu items
  • Work365 Subscription Manager: has access to Work 365 subscription license and usage data
  • Work365 Finance Manager: has access to Work 365 invoices, and payment profile

If a customer already has access to your portal, you can apply a new web role by:

  • Going to the customer contact entity in CRM
  • Open Related Records
  • Click Web Roles
  • Add Existing Web Role
  • Select the applicable Work 365 role for the contact

If a customer is new to your portal:

• Follow the steps detailed here on sending customer invitations to the self service portal.
• Then follow the steps detailed above to add the web role on the customer contact entity.

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