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Self Service Portal Setup

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Work 365 brings self-service capabilities using Dynamics 365 Portals. The self-service module allows end-customers to self-manage their license based subscriptions online, saving time and cost for the CSP partner.


The following pre-requisites must be in place before the Dynamics Portals setup can be initiated. This guide assumes that the reader has basic knowledge of CRM administration, including importing solutions.

  • The user performing these actions should have the System Administrator role in Dynamics 365.
  • Dynamics 365 tenant with Work 365 solution installed and configured
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Self-Service Portal to be installed and configured.
    • Details on how to do this can be found at
    • Portal Audience: Customer
    • Portal Type: Customer Self-Service
  • Note the Portal URL; you’ll need this later.
  • Browse the portal once the setup is completed and ensure that the portal is functioning.

Solution Installation

Once the portal has been set up, the Work 365 Self-Service module should be installed. This creates the necessary CRM objects required to enable the self-service capability.

  • Import the solution into Dynamics 365. (where x_x_x_x is the solution version number)
  • Ensure that the options on the Import Options screen are selected as below.

import options


  • Once the Import process is completed, click on the Work 365 Self-Service Portal solution that was just imported, to open the Solution Window.

work 365 self service portal


  • Click the Initialize Portal
  • Once the process completes, close the window.
  • Restart your Dynamics 365 portal.
  • Use the URL link from the Dynamics 365 Administration Center page to log into the self-service portal.
    • Office 365 Homepage > Admin > Admin Center > Dynamics 365 > Self-Service Portal (configured) > Manage > Under Portal Details: Portal URL


The Portal should update after 15 min. Hit refresh. Then a successful initialization will show a Work365 drop down.

work365 drop down



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