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Self Service Portal Setup

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Work 365 brings self-service capabilities using Dynamics 365 Portals. The self-service module allows end-customers to self-manage their license-based subscriptions online, saving time and cost for the CSP partner.


The following pre-requisites must be in place before the Dynamics Portals setup can be initiated. This guide assumes that the reader has basic knowledge of CRM administration, including importing solutions.

  • The user performing these actions should have the System Administrator role in Dynamics 365.
  • Dynamics 365 tenant with Work 365 solution installed and configured
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Self-Service Portal to be installed and configured.
    • Details on how to do this can be found here
    • Portal Audience: Customer
    • Portal Development Status: Live
    • Portal Type: Customer Self-Service
  • Note the Portal URL; you’ll need this later.
  • Browse the portal once the setup is completed and ensure that the portal is functioning.
  • Please ensure that the Work 365 Service account has System Administrator to complete the installation and setup.

Solution Installation

Once the portal has been set up, the Work 365 Self-Service module is a solution install. If you have the portal solution enabled on your service plan you will find the link to download the portal solution through the Help&About page. Navigate to the Help & About page for Work 365 and find the Portal Solution download file under the Useful Links Section.

This creates the necessary CRM objects required to enable the self-service capability.

  • Import the solution into Dynamics 365. (where x_x_x_x is the solution version number)
  • Ensure that the options on the Import Options screen are selected as below.

  • Once the Import process is completed, click on the Work 365 Self-Service Portal solution that was just imported, to open the Solution Window.
  • Please ensure that the Work 365 Service account has System Administrator role before you click the Initialize Portal. This role can be removed after the portal is initialized. 

work 365 self service portal

  • Click the Initialize Portal
  • Once the process completes, close the window.
  • Please follow the additional instructions detailed in the Self Service Portal Set up for 2.7 if installing/ upgrading to Work 365 Self Service v2.7.2.0 or above for the first time.
  • Restart your Dynamics 365 portal.
  • Use the URL link from the Dynamics 365 Administration Center page to log into the self-service portal.
    • Office 365 Homepage > Admin > Admin Center > Dynamics 365 > Self-Service Portal (configured) > Manage > Under Portal Details: Portal URL

The Portal should update after 15 min. Hit refresh. Then a successful initialization will show a Work365 drop down.

work365 drop down


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